The Story of K Theory

World touring Bay area electronic legends K Theory are the duo of Dustin Musser and Dylan Lewman.

Pioneers of glitch hop, nu electro, electronic hip hop, and festival trap resonating with fans in such regard it manifested one of the most illustrious careers in EDM.

Accumulating over one billion total plays worldwide and a constant staple of dance charting the K Theory sound is a global force.  With over 300 plus single releases and major collabs with Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Universal, Ultra, Big Beat, Buygore, Owsla, 300 Entertainment, Think Its A Game Records, Empire, Dim Mak, Westwood Recordings & Simplify.

Their signature soundscape and triple threat talent of DJ/production/remixes and an unmatched live energy has led them to some of the most coveted stages in the industry including Red Rocks, Coachella and Electric Forest. Reuniting with new embodied energy, inspiration, & a wealth of unreleased creativity, K Theory is set to blast off to the stratosphere of the global music scene in 2022 & ascending to claim their throne as EDM God’s once again.


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